Fair Use Policy

Why do we have a fair usage policy on Wififeed?

In order to provide excellent service to all our users we need to make sure that no one is using more than their fair share of bandwidth. As part of the FUP each user has a monthly usage allowance. This usage allowance is applicable to the amount you download when the internet is at its busiest. The busiest times, referred to as peak hours, are between 09:00 to 23:00 every day.

How does the FUP work?

Like roads during rush hour, the internet can become clogged with traffic during peak hours. Lots of people downloading information at the same time slows the internet down. The FUP is designed to minimise the subsequent loss of performance by ensuring everyone uses only their fair share of bandwidth. Your choice of node determines how much information - how many Gigabytes (GB) - you can download during peak hours, whilst maintaining the expected level of performance for you, and your fellow users.

5GB is the standard doownload limit imposed on most users on most nodes. Please note limits are much lower for uploads, this includes streaming of any kind as our service is designed for low to medium users and users requiring these services should invest in their own dedicated broadband line.

How does the FUP monitor work?

Your monthly usage allowance is the number of GB you may download in any one month period.

Throughout each monthly period the Fair Usage Monitor looks at how much you have used during the period so far. From this information it estimates how much you are likely to download by the end of the period if you continue downloading at the same rate. If you do exceed your usage allowance your connection speed will be reduced to 64kbps for the remainder of the period. This will affect your ability to download large files, but not your ability to browse or send emails.

rev 10th March 2009

For assistance please email help@wififeed.net
Alternatively, call 01273 806417 or text 07590-243208
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