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What is Wififeed?

WifiFeed is the backbone for many Community networks to share their internet. You may have reached us from SnS, SussexNetShare, SnSfeeed, Feeed, DevlinWifi, GreenWifi, TvSalfordWifi, ShareOurWifi, UseOurWifi, NetShare, OxfordWifi, CelticPubs.. to name but a few. We are a community service that allows people to share their internet with other club members in many areas of the Country and a few overseas venues are steadily being added. Members with an internet connection setup a "Wififeed" wireless hotspot which others can connect to and use. Once someone has signed up with a paid club membership they can access any of the other hotspots.

Our Service is designed for normal personal usage. It is only fair to others that all of us refrain from daytime/early evening heavy downloads. If the odd heavy necessary and legal download is essential this should be arranged between midnight and 6am when usage is light. We are all law abiding citizens so illegal bittorrent or downloads are prohibited. Usage is obviously monitored as a legal requirement.

How quickly can I join the club and use the internet?

You can join our club and share our internet immediately. A reboot of your pc/browser maybe needed. All you have to do is sign up for a simple account with your name and valid contact details (for security), and choose a plan or enter a ticket if you've been supplied one by a venue. For sending and receiving email by POP or IMAP you will need to specify an authenticated server. We recommend that you use webmail, Yahoo!or Gmail/Googlemail are ideal. You can also use the Webmail access your email provider has supplied.

How much does it cost?

If you have a ticket issued by a venue it will give you free membership for the alloted time shown, otherwise you can purchase club membership for the very reasonable rates shown below

  • £1.00 for one hour
  • £2.95 for one day
  • £4.95 for one week
  • Monthly subscription for £6.95
  • Annual subscription for £69.95
Create account or pay/use a supplied ticket
Login for existing members
For assistance please email
Alternatively, call 01273 806417 or text 07590-243208
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